Trail Safety and Stewardship

Trail safety and stewardship begins by fostering love of nature and motivating our kids at a very young age to care for and respect Mother Earth. Best way to inspire your children is to roll up your sleeves and arrange a trail safety and clean up hike for your kiddos and their classmates. Santa Monica Mountains are crisscrossed with over 500 miles of trails and important watersheds. The Malibu Creek, Topanga, and other rural Santa Monica Mountains Watersheds are bounded on the north, west, and east by the Santa Monica Mountains, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. These watersheds consist primarily of natural open space and significant areas of parkland and open trails. When your trash ends up in your local mountains and trails, it often travels to the ocean even if you’re not near the shore. Therefore, it’s so important for us all to do our part and take ownership in preserving our magnificent Santa Monica Mountains Trails and Park-lands. What an amazing place to live!